Installation + Replacement

We provide consultation on all new equipment purchases, and will guide you through the best options for your home and budget.


Maintenance is a key component to keeping your air conditioner efficient, effective, and safe throughout the year. Schedule your routine maintenance with us!

Hartford CT AC Repair

Strange noises, loss of cooling power, or completely non-functioning air conditioner? Let us be your expert for diagnostics and quick repair. We even offer 24/7 emergency services!


Central Air Conditioning/Ductless Heat Pumps

Keeping you cool and comfortable during the warm summer months is our priority. From service and repair, to installation and maintenance, Reutter Mechanical can help keep your air conditioner running safe and efficient all season long.

Why Schedule Regular Maintenance?

  • Keeping your condenser (outside unit) clean is directly related to lower energy consumption.
  • Keeping your air filter clean will significantly increase your system's ability to distribute conditioned air.
  • Systems low on charge will run longer, be less efficient and cost a lot more to run.
  • Electrical components should be checked regularly for safety and function.

One Guy. Start to Finish.

Derek is the technician to call "when caring counts". He provides a unique customer experience, by personally handling each step of the cooling process. From consultation, to decision and installation, to follow up and support... Derek cares about his customers, and believes in providing exceptional service.