Installation + Replacement

We provide consultation on all new equipment purchases, and will guide you through the best options for your home and budget.


Maintenance is a key component to keeping your furnace efficient, effective, and safe throughout the year. Schedule your routine maintenance with us!

Furnace Repair in CT

Strange noises, loss of heat power, or completely non-functioning furnace? Let us be your expert for diagnostics and quick repair. We even offer 24/7 emergency services!


Regular maintenance from Reutter Mechanical will keep your heating system running safely and at peak performance during the cold, winter months. From tune-ups and repair, to emergency services, our licensed technician provides quality care.

Why schedule regular maintenance?

  • A heat exchanger that is regularly cleaned, is able to transfer the usable energy better--and this applies to wood, oil, gas, pellets and any other fuel source.
  • Many times on a yearly maintenance, we can identify areas of concern and correct them before they become bigger ones.
  • Saving fuel can be accomplished in three ways:
    • Regular cleaning of the heat exchanger.
    • Incorporating the use of reset controls
    • Upgrading equipment
  • The biggest cause of premature equipment failure is lack of maintenance

One Guy. Start to Finish.

Derek is the technician to call "when caring counts". He provides a unique customer experience, by personally handling each step of the heating process. From consultation, to decision and installation, to follow up and support... Derek cares about his customers, and believes in providing exceptional service.